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Alexandra Tweten (@ByeFelipe) and Alison Stevenson (Vice) first met when a f**ckboy they both dated put them in a group chat together. So, naturally, they started a podcast about it.


Each week, the pair share what they've learned from their hundreds of online dates, and invite hilarious guests and experts to talk about love, relationships, sex, and the joys and struggles of modern dating.

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March 21, 2018

Alexandra talks to Alexi Wasser about her upcoming book and dating life.

May 30, 2017

Joanna Spicer and Hailey Blais interview Alexandra about feminism, unsolicited dick pics and more.

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The Bye Felipe Podcast

Bye Felipe creator Alexandra Tweten talks online dating horror stories with co-host Eileen Beard.


Have you ever wondered what happens between the text exchanges you see on the Bye Felipe Instagram account? On the Bye Felipe Podcast, we share personal online dating stories and dissect BAD online dating behavior from a funny, feminist point of view.